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Next registration period

October 2023

Number of matches

25 - 40

Program fee

U14/U16/U19: $950; U10/U12: $900

Practice schedule

See Calendar

Fall season

End of September 2023 - April 2024

Number of practices

2 practices per week

Description of the program

Youth who wish to play at this level show a greater interest than playing only once a week in the recreational program. At the competitive level, the desire to learn must be combined with specific basketball skills. A competitive team is by definition a team that seeks competition. The players on the team must therefore adhere to this healthy competitive attitude. Additional efforts are therefore required from the players such as participating in two or more practices per week; these practices are essential to learn and practice the fundamentals and games, both individually and as a team.

A competitive team will be composed of a minimum of 9 players, although 12 is often the desired number. Youths wishing to be part of a competitive team will participate in a Selection Camp during which each player will be evaluated. The number of competitive teams may vary depending on the number of players available. 

The player selection process

Competitive teams are formed at the beginning of the season. Selection camps are organized to evaluate each interested player and to determine if he or she will be able to play on one of the teams.

At these camps, a series of exercises allow the evaluators to select the players who will make up the team; the final decision on the choice of players is left to the coach responsible for the team. Other players not selected are informed and thanked for their efforts and interest.


Competitive players must participate in practices and games. They must justify any absence. This participation is essential for team building and coach planning.

It is important to note that the coach has the freedom to play the players he wants and for the duration he wants. For example, this means that he could decide to play the same five players for the entire game; this situation is rare but illustrates the level of competition possible.

Team categories by age

Competitive players are divided into groups which are separated by age category. The player must be of the prescribed age as of September 30, which is:

  • Category: U10 COMPETITIVE (8 - 9 years old) 
  • Category: U12 COMPETITIVE (10 - 11 years old) 
  • Category: U14 COMPETITIVE (12 - 13 years)
  • Category: U16 COMPETITIVE (14 - 15 years) 
  • Category: U19 COMPETITIVE (16 - 18 years)

If you have any questions and would like to discuss specific items, we invite you to contact us via the online contact form.‍

Gymnasiums and facilities

Our practices take place mainly in the gymnasiums located in the schools mentioned below. Some games or practices may also be held elsewhere, and this information will be communicated to you. Please check the schedules and refer to the addresses below.‍

Our main gyms:

Notre-Dame School
170 Papineau Street
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8X 1V9

‍ÉcoleLa Source
22 Rue de l' Acadie
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8T 6G8

‍Écolesecondaire de l'Île
255 rue Saint-Rédempteur
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8X 2T4

‍Écolesecondaire de la Cité
495Boulevard du Plateau
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8J 0M2

‍Écoledu Parc-de-la-Montagne
15 rue Doucet
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8Y 5N4

‍Écoledu Grand-Héron
395Boul. de l'Amérique-Française
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8Y 5N4

Other gymnasiums:

Le Dôme @ Louis-Riel
1659 Bearbrook Road
Gloucester, ON
Canada K1B 4N3

École Primaire Carle
306 rue Jacques-Buteux
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8P 6A2

École Primaire Chelsea
74 Chem. Old Chelsea
Chelsea, QC
Canada J9B 1K9

Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO)
283 Boul. Alexandre-Taché
Gatineau, QC
Canada J9A 1L8